To Conserve Space, we are only printing the Answers, not the Questions. What do you mean, "How do you know what the Questions are?" Aren't you the one asking them? Yeesh...

Answer #1: No, they're both straight.

Answer #2: After a cartoon character from the 1980 Ruby-Spears Saturday morning cartoon Thundarr the Barbarian. Ookla the Mok is Thundarr's conspicuously Chewbacca-like sidekick, and they run around a post-apocalyptic world that hinges on the moon having been cracked in half by a comet in 1994.

Answer #3: "Filk" is a kind of music that happens at science fiction conventions. It's some original music and some parody and it's usually performed acoustically in a folk-circle setting. The subject matter usually revolves around science fiction or fantasy and related topics. Some is funny, some is very very sad. Although there are many musical flavors to be found in filk, folk music dominates the scene.

Answer #4: Well, sort of. Ookla is most certainly part of the Filk Community, and they are filk in that they go to filk conventions, but often when they play at gen or comic book cons they are booked through the Main Programming Track rather than the Filk Track. Also they're a big noisy rock band, which makes a lot of filkers want to throw things at them.

Answer #5: After cutting the mango in half and removing the pit, slice the meat in diagonal crisscrossing sections and remove the sections with a grapefruit spoon. Enjoy.

Live at Windycon
Released October 3, 2017

Past Events

Foxprowl-Con / November 18-20, 2016


Info: Ookla will be performing concerts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Windycon / November 11-13, 2016


Info: Ookla will be the Music Guests of Honor! Adam will be the Costuming Guest of Honor! This will be a full band show, with Mike Mallory on bass and Luis Garcia on drums!

Eeriecon / September 30-October 2, 2016


Info: Ookla will perform a concert Saturday night.

Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts / August 27, 2016


Info: Ookla will perform at 1:00 pm on the St. James Stage

Tatsu-con / July 29-31, 2016


Info: Ookla will perform at this anime and cosplay con -- this year's theme is villains!

These Are The Sweets You Are Looking For! @ 1811 Comics / December 6, 2015


Info: Ookla will be playing a concert at 3 pm at this Star Wars themed event.

Foxprowl-Con / November 20-22, 2015


Info: Ookla will be playing concerts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! We'll also have a table in the dealer's room all weekend.

Buffalo Comicon / October 17-18, 2015


Info: Rand will perform a solo show on Saturday (with Special Guest Brian Platter), and have a table in the dealer's room all weekend.