Ookla the Mok hasn't always been a duo. Here are the talented friends who helped make Ookla who they are today:


CHRIS GAJEWSKI is a phenomenally talented drummer who was a member of Ookla the Mok from 2000 to 2004. He played on Smell No Evil and Oh Okay LA. His deadpan, straight-man stage gimmick, complete with eye-rolling and constant groans of "I hate you all so much!" delighted both the band and their fans until they realized he wasn't kidding. Since Chris left the band he's played drums on Adam's solo record, recorded and toured with the hardcore band Bleed For Me, and, incredibly, given birth to a baby girl. "It really hurt," Chris later told the band, "but not as much as your horrible, horrible music."

LUIS GARCIA was Ookla's drummer from 1994 through 1999, when he moved to the West Caast to get married to the keyboardist from Puzzlebox, another filk band. Jerk. He now lives in Washington State with his family and sells comic books online. Luis has played several West Coast shows with Ookla in the years since then, and will always remain an honorary member of the band. Luis's son Tommy is the Tommy from "Tommy." He's like 21.7 now or something. Luis played drums and sang on Less Than Art and Super Secret.

MICHAEL MALLORY is Ookla's LA-based studio bassist. He still records the majority of Ookla's bass tracks, and they still play with him when they're on the West Coast. Mike has known Adam longer than any other member of the band, including Rand. He was the bass player for this really pretentious progressive rock band Adam fronted when he was in high school. Michael plays bass on Less Than Art, Oh Okay LA, "Math" on the Nerdvana EP, most of vs. Evil, and about half of Smell No Evil.

WOLFRAM NEFF played bass with Ookla from 2006 to 2009, when - just like all the rest - he left town in order to secure something he referred to as a "job." Sure. He claims to be some sort of "Research Physicist." Whatever. He playing can be heard on the bonus tracks of Less Than Art, "Go to Bed" on the Nerdvana EP, and the opening track on vs. Evil.

JOE PEPPER was Ookla's drummer from 2005 to 2007, a time of pretty heavy gigging, but not a lot of recording. As such, his fantastic drum work can only be heard on the Less Than Art bonus tracks. Since leaving Ookla Joe has put out a solo album, and is now concentrating his creative energy on filmmaking.

DOUG WHITE started out as Ookla's recording engineer and then joined the band as bassist from 1998 to 2001. Doug is the owner and head engineer of Watchmen Studios, where Ookla has recorded most of their albums. Doug played bass on Super Secret and guitar and bass on Smell No Evil, and contributed guitar and bass tracks to the Nerdvana EP and vs. Evil.

Live at Windycon
Released October 3, 2017

Past Events

Foxprowl-Con / November 18-20, 2016


Info: Ookla will be performing concerts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Windycon / November 11-13, 2016


Info: Ookla will be the Music Guests of Honor! Adam will be the Costuming Guest of Honor! This will be a full band show, with Mike Mallory on bass and Luis Garcia on drums!

Eeriecon / September 30-October 2, 2016


Info: Ookla will perform a concert Saturday night.

Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts / August 27, 2016


Info: Ookla will perform at 1:00 pm on the St. James Stage

Tatsu-con / July 29-31, 2016


Info: Ookla will perform at this anime and cosplay con -- this year's theme is villains!

These Are The Sweets You Are Looking For! @ 1811 Comics / December 6, 2015


Info: Ookla will be playing a concert at 3 pm at this Star Wars themed event.

Foxprowl-Con / November 20-22, 2015


Info: Ookla will be playing concerts on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! We'll also have a table in the dealer's room all weekend.

Buffalo Comicon / October 17-18, 2015


Info: Rand will perform a solo show on Saturday (with Special Guest Brian Platter), and have a table in the dealer's room all weekend.